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Centre for Culture and Development

Area of Work and Activities

CCD is confined to Gujarat which consists of two main divisions: mainland Gujarat and Peninsular Gujarat. Mainland Gujarat can be again subdivided into north, central, south and eastern Gujarat.





Study of different castes, communities and tribes as well as the processes and forces operating within them. CCD has carried out studies on the character of development, social exclusion and marginalisation of the masses. To name a few:  

· Geography of Riots

·  Development-induced Displacement in Gujarat

·  Historical demography of Baroda State

·  Changing character of the forests and its impact on tribals of Gujarat


Centre for Culture and Development


The Centre has set up a specialized library on social science disciplines focused on Gujarat. It has a collection of rare books on Gujarat as well as archives. It has maintained a systematic and digitized documentation on dalits, tribals, OBCs, women, children, health, education, politics, Hindu nationalism, communal violence and so on.


Centre for Culture and Development


Relevant knowledge is shared with people through sensitisation, workshops, training programmes and publications. These are conducted and carried out both in the Gujarati language and using a discourse that people can understand as well as in English.


The Centre makes its expertise available to NGOs, government agencies and other interested groups. It conducts need assessment as well as impact assessment of the developmental interventions by NGOs and GOs.