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Goals and Objectives

Despite being one of the economically most developed states of India, Gujarat ranks low in the human development index. Through its research network, CCD endeavours to impress upon equality and to push for a desirable society inclusive of all its segments. It sees itself as an intellectual activist body.


The following are the major goals and objectives of CCD:

  1. To decode webs of contradictions for effective interventions.
  2. Identify the cultural attributes generating conflict and those contributing to its resolution.
  3. Identify the processes making religion a progressive and proactive force for empowering people.
  4. Employ culture as an input into the health, education and development sectors and in the training of      religious personnel.
  5. Study the religious and cultural history of Gujarat.
  6. Study the religious and social movements in Gujarat.
  7. Study the interface between culture and economic development.
  8. Study religious fundamentalism and communalism, and generate a dialogue with fundamentalists             and communalists
  9. Document the atrocities on dalits, tribals,women, and minorities.
 10. Collaborate with secular personalities and organisations.
 11. Undertake ethnographic enquiries of tribes and castes.
 12. Highlight the role of culture in poverty reduction.
 13. Foster participatory development.
 14. Interacting with NGOs and individuals for strengthening civil society.